Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses are like super full moons -- all emotional energy is magnified and supercharged. This full moon in Aquarius sets the perfect stage for group meditation; a time when reflecting with an open mind brings the gifts of understanding, peace, and of truth uncovered by the moon's full light. Eclipses offer a magical doorway to new understandings through which our hopes and dreams can be evolved and realized.

On a collective level for the USA, the August 5th lunar eclipse falls a few days after Obama's birthday and so opposes his sun-sign. Since it belongs to Saros Series 11S, which according to Bernadette Brady is a family having to do with 'humanitarian reform' – some blocks may be removed that were preventing health care reform from coming to fruition....or more likely, Obama (and many of us) may have to accept the fact that the American public still isn't ready for it; really doesn't want it. The Light of this Aquarius moon falls in Obama's house of 'hidden enemies' – so some previously submerged complaints and people opposing health reform are now surfacing.

Lunar eclipse energies usually manifest for us personally as internalized events – as in the realization, or culmination of particular emotionally-charged eras in our life, which now are clearly outmoded and worn – nonetheless, sometimes painful to relinquish. Today's eclipse carries a clear message for achieving higher consciousness through group effort, but not without a few bumps in the having to sit down and make peace with 'foes'. Presidents Clinton and Obama, both Leos, are setting the example.

Personally, the eclipse will affect you only if you have planets within orb of 13 degrees Aquarius, (or, as Obama does in opposing Leo), by shining the light of truth on previously clouded issues or relationship and bringing an internalized sense of closure to that area of your life where the eclipse falls in your natal chart. You'll feel it only if you live on the East Coast, India, or parts of China where it's visible.

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