Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weight Loss Tools That Really Work

Pounds inevitably creep up on us with Holiday Celebrations. Here are some tried and true tools to hold them back:

Miracle Noodles – Truly a delight. As seen on 'Oprah,' Miracle Noodles have zero calories and are as satisfying as a bowl of pasta. Go ahead -- drench them in your favorite sauce. It will still only add up to a few hundred calories, at most. My favorite is simply: lots of chopped garlic, sautéed in olive oil, a little ghee and organic tomato sauce. Have Miracle Noodles for dinner a few times a week and watch the pounds disappear.

Lavender Oil – One inhale of fine essential lavender oil is both calming and a great substitute for mindless eating; often indulged in to help offset stress. If lavender is not your thing, try 'Rose.' (I like it because it also has anti-bacterial qualities...the people who survived the plague in Nostradamus' day worked in a perfume factory where lavender oil was attributed to their survival).

Fucothin – a derivative of sea vegetables, helps to pull toxins from your body, while stimulating your metabolism. Works particularly well if you have Type 'O' Blood, which is most receptive to Bladderwack.

Green Tea Gum – Another 'mindless eating' substitute. Chew green tea instead of reaching for those carbs. You'll also benefit from the anti-oxidants.

Agave Syrup – Use Agave as the sweetener of choice in Holiday Recipes. It's sweeter than honey and metabolized much more slowly than sugar. Add stevia if you like it still sweeter.

Last but not least: Walk, exercise, and/or do yoga as much as you can; Sleep 7- 8 hrs., arising as early as possible; drink plenty of water; and never sit when you can stand.

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